Weather conditions for Tiffin, Ohio
Thu, Apr 02, 2020 - 04:16 EDT
Cold & Night Time, Dry 
38.7 °F / 3.7 °C 

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Station Data
Local Date
Apr 2, 2020
Local Time
04:16 EDT
41°07’04N, 83°09’55W
732 feet (223.1m)
NOAA Office
Cleveland (KCLE)
We are about 70.8 miles WSW of this office.

Random Fact
#36... Did you know?
An inch of rain water is equivalent to 15 inches of dry, powdery snow.

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Weather Stations

So, you're wanting to setup your own personal weather station (PWS), then look no further than these places. You will be able to find a system to meet almost any budget. Be warned though, that there is more of an investment for mounting and making it look and perform. Also, you also have the time needed to setup your equipment and if you really get sucked in, learning a lot more about meteorology as a whole.

CWOP Station Setup Guide (PDF)

Ambient Weather: Station Reviews and Install Guide

La Crosse Technology

Davis Instruments

Oregon Scientific

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