Weather conditions for Tiffin, Ohio
Tue, Jun 25, 2019 - 17:46 EDT
Warm & Cloudy, Dry 
82.9 °F / 28.3 °C 

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Station Data
Local Date
Jun 25, 2019
Local Time
17:46 EDT
41°07’04N, 83°09’55W
732 feet (223.1m)
NOAA Office
Cleveland (KCLE)
We are about 70.8 miles WSW of this office.

Random Fact
#58... Did you know?
The fastest wind speed ever recorded is 318 mph in one of the May 3, 1999 tornadoes to hit Oklahoma.

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Conditions @ 05:45 PM EDT

NOAA's forecast for Tonight: Tiffin, OH
Mostly Clear Mostly clear, with a low around 66. Southwest wind 8 to 13 mph.
Low 66 °F

Davis VP2 Forecast:
Increasing clouds with little temp change.

Summary & Temperature
Warm & Cloudy, Dry

82.9 Warm & Cloudy, Dry

82.9 °F/ 28.3 °C

Feels Like
83 °F
Today is 12 seconds
shorter than yesterday.

  Today Yesterday
High 83.5 °F
5:16 PM
81.8 °F
2:32 PM
Low 65.6 °F
6:21 AM
70.5 °F
6:46 AM

Year to date
Year to date
59.7 °F 75.8 °F
SW Windspeed
0.0 mph

SW (229 °)

0 bft - Calm

Today 8.1 mph 12:36 PM
Month 13.0 mph Jun 1, 2019
Year 24.2 mph Jan 23, 2019
Record 27.0 mph Apr 5, 2017

Today 0.00 in
Rain Rate (in/hr) 0.000 in
Rain Storm 0.00 in
Rain Yesterday 0.00 in
This Month 2.77 in
Year 14.52 in
Month Rain Days 12 days
Year Rain Days 94 days
4 days since last rain
Slight Chance Showers then Slight Chance T-storms
Slight Chance Showers then Slight Chance T-storms

Slight Chance Showers then Slight Chance T-storms
High near 85 °F

Barometer & Humidity
Barometer 29.826 in
Trend Steady over the last hour
Humidity 47%
Dewpoint 60.6 °F
Cloud Height 5,836ft (1,779m)

0.0 - Low
No burn time
High UV 5.8 @ 1:21 PM
Sun & Moon
Sunrise 6:01 am
Sunset 9:09 pm
Moonrise 1:50 am
Moonset 1:44 pm
Moon Phase Last Quarter

49 W/m2 (9 %)
High Solar 972 @ 1:19 PM
Wednesday Night
Slight Chance T-storms then Slight Chance Showers
Slight Chance T-storms then Slight Chance Showers

Slight Chance T-storms then Slight Chance Showers
Low near 66 °F

Infrared Satellite (Band 7)
Regional Radar
Visible Satellite (GeoColor)
Visible Satellite
Click on images for a larger view (600x600 pixels). They will open in a popup window.
Radar/Satellite images courtesy of NOAA GOES-East Image Viewer

Last posted news story

Posted by: MGCJerry on Sep 15, 2018 @ 21:23 EDT
Last Edited: Mar 7, 2019 @ 22:03 EST

Weather Underground is making changes to their API to pull data off their site. While this will not affect any normal users who use a browser, it will affect anyone who uses 3rd party apps and programs to pull data off Weather Underground. After the change, anyone who uses the API to create programs and apps that pulls data from Weather Underground must pay a license fee. The cost is unknown. However the users who upload their own data gets FREE access to their own data - What a deal!

How will this affect Based on what information is currently available, Personal Weather Station (PWS) owners will still be able to send data to WU, and pull their own data from WU. However they will be unable to make use of the easy-to-use systems to pull data for elsewhere unless they pay a monthly license. Program & app developers will have to pay a hefty fee to make use of the new API and that will probably price them out of existence. "Enterprise Grade" API and related buzzwords are always expensive. As a result on my next maintenance run, I will be terminating the WU feed entirely.

This doesnt bode well for anyone who doesn't work for, or have a hand in a multi-million dollar company. Little people like us as usual will get left at the side of the road. That's my take on it, and you can read the announcement at

Updated March 7, 2019
Turns out to have access to the data this site previously used would require purchasing an API key for the low price of $400.00 USD a month, more advanced functions would require a more expensive key upwards of $2,000 USD a month. Not going to happen. I expected pricing like this given the words "Enterprise Grade" and the lack of additional details. makes $-31 year for domain registration, and hosting and thats ignoring power cost for the local server and hardware required to keep the system online.

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